A capital region par excellence (it has eight departments), Ile-de-France is full of surprises and even the best tourist guides in the Ile-de-France region cannot list everything! From Lutèce to the gradual construction of Grand-Paris, passing through the exit of the new cities, Ile-de-France has been, and still is, the setting for the most decisive hours in the country's history. You will therefore find a profusion of monuments (castles of Versailles or Vaux-le-Vicomte...), places classified as national and world heritage (Saint-Denis basilica, Arc de Triomphe...), museums (Louvre Museum, Centre Pompidou...). A cultural and intellectual metropolis, Ile-de-France is also the economic heart of the country, accounting for nearly a third of the country's gross domestic product: the La Défense business district, for example, is a perfect example. And contrary to popular belief, the region is essentially green and has many forests (we think of the Fontainebleau forest). Today, Ile-de-France has more than 12 million inhabitants, or a fifth of the French metropolitan population. The offer in terms of culture, leisure (Disneyland Paris) and sports (Stade de France, Roland Garros...) is therefore also very important to satisfy the entire Ile-de-France population. In short, from Montreuil to Versailles, via Neuilly-sur-Seine, Cergy-le-Haut and, of course, Paris, the Ile-de-France is the region of all possibilities and excesses!

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When to go to Île-De-France?

When to go to Ile-de-France? Absolutely all year round, so much to see and do there! To be more relaxed, you should nevertheless favour the intermediate seasons: autumn and spring. Very popular all year round, the Ile-de-France region nevertheless experiences some short breaks during these periods, which allows tourists who flee the crowds and are nevertheless attracted by the region to get there, more quietly and at a lower cost.

In winter, Christmas lights illuminate the cities and give the cities of the region a very pleasant atmosphere.

In summer, however, the region empties of its inhabitants and fills up with visitors. Accommodation prices are rising and bookings must be made several months in advance

Finally, many events (festivals, sporting events, exhibitions, trade fairs, etc.) are held throughout the year: these can of course determine your stay in Ile-de-France)

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When to travel?

When to go to Ile-de-France? Absolutely all year round, so much to see and do there! To be more relaxed, you should n...
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The climate in the Ile-de-France region is of a temperate oceanic type. The region, particularly in the west, is expe...
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