Seine-Saint-Denis is a place that should not be ashamed of its proximity to the capital from a cultural point of view, since this destination boasts a number of remarkable cultural centres! For example, we can name the Théâtre Gérard-Philippe in Saint-Denis, a renowned national drama centre, as well as the Théâtre de la commune d'Aubervilliers. You will also discover the first masterpiece of Gothic art and the only burial place of the kings of France: the cathedral basilica of Saint-Denis. Film studios have also grown in Plaine-Saint-Denis, as well as in Aubervilliers. You can also visit Luc Besson's Cité du cinéma, a place dedicated to the 7th art with the École de la Cité, the École nationale Louis Lumière, stages, projection rooms, creative workshops... Seine-Saint-Denis is a territory closely linked to the history of cinema with the Éclair and Pathé studios, Georges Méliès... From the point of view of cultural spaces, you can go for a walk around the Air and Space Museum of Le Bourget, the historical conservatory of the Drancy camp and its monument of Shelomo Selinger, or the private museum of the Vampires and Monsters of the imagination! Architectural enthusiasts, take a stroll in Bobigny built around it and decorated with contemporary art. In its streets, avenues, squares, more than 50 works from Victor Roman to Roger Somville, from Zvenigorodski to Sigg, from Lorjou to Nunez. The 93 Culture House, with its regional vocation, offers Balbynians the opportunity to hear and meet the greatest directors from all over the world.

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When to go to Seine-Saint-Denis? Well, all year round! Museums, churches and religious buildings, castles, manors and remarkable houses are to be discovered near the heart of the capital of France as well as many other elements of the history and heritage of Seine-Saint-Denis: a rich and varied urban planning, historical monuments, royal monuments, garden cities, places of memory like the Memorial of the Shoah... And of course, don't miss the famous Stade de France! Who will offer you shows, sporting events and of course a unique visit to this magical and unique place in Seine-Saint-Denis!

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When to travel?

When to go to Seine-Saint-Denis? Well, all year round! Museums, churches and religious buildings, castles, manors and...
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The climate of Seine-Saint-Denis is quite identical to that of Paris. It is characterized by the status of a degraded...
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