After the island of Bendor in 1950, Paul Ricard, then at the height of his fame, decided to acquire the beautiful island of Les Embiez. It will be the work of the sea and nature lover. Completely shaped by Paul Ricard, the island has become a place dedicated to leisure and tourism while remaining preserved.

Its 95 hectares of pine forests, vineyards, scrubland, flower gardens, cliffs, creeks and beaches make this small island a dream stopover for sailors, divers, hikers, couples and families.

Founded with Alain Bombard in 1966, the Paul Ricard Institute of Oceanography continues its work on the study and preservation of marine fauna and flora. Its aquarium, which contains many Mediterranean marine species, is open all year round to visitors to the island. And to the delight of young and old alike, a wide range of water sports activities are offered in season (kayaks, paddle boats, diving, boat hire, etc.).

To get there: Regular boat connections all year round from the port of Le Brusc (commune of Six-Fours-les-Plages). The crossing takes only about ten minutes; count about 19 € for an adult and 13 € for a child (2020 fares). In July-August, a sea link is also set up from the port of Sanary: count around 19 € per adult and 13 € per child (2020 fares). All information on / ✆ 04 94 10 65 20.

To get around: On the spot no car, and in fact, considering the size and configuration of the island, it would be of no interest.So you can choose: legs (on foot, the tour takes 1 hour 30 to 2 hours), arms and legs (bicycle hire, with or without electric assistance - beware of the few climbs), or buttocks (by gently putting them on a seat on the little tourist train, which runs every day from April to October and during school holidays, depending on weather conditions, the rest of the year; tickets on sale on board).

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