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Top 10 des plus beaux paysages de France en peinture

As spring is just around the corner, we start dreaming of a road trip to the four corners of France. So why not mix artistic culture and travel? Over the centuries, painters have captured the most beautiful landscapes of our country: the Impressionists took up residence on the banks of the Seine and in Normandy, Van Gogh and Cézanne in the South, Courbet in the green Franche-Comté, and the Crozant school in the Creuse. They offer us with ...

Traces d'encre, exposition de Carolyn Carlson à Arles

Carolyn Carlson occupies an important place in the French contemporary dance scene. Choreographer, dancer, she gives way in her work to improvisation, to letting go, to finally create an ephemeral and liberating language. Dance is not the only artistic field that fascinates her, since she is also a poet and calligrapher. The exhibition Traces d'encre, which takes place in the chapel of Le Méjan d'Arles, is a wonderful opportunity to ...

La gastronomie s'invite au musée à Arles

At the Musée de l'Arles Antique, various artists will come over several months to present plastic and audiovisual installations that will question the public on the themes of culinary gastronomy and gastronomy of the mind. Indeed, just like food, aren't the works presented in museums also an excellent way to nourish people and feed their thoughts and imagination? An immersive exhibition and a monumental projection on the myth of Actéon ...

Au coeur du monde romain lors du festival Arelate, journées romaines d'Arles

During the second half of August, the "Arelate, journées romaines d'Arles" festival offers a real journey into the Roman world, with a whole series of activities and shows designed to entertain the public and make them discover the city's rich heritage. Bringing the past to life, in the streets and around the main monuments, is the objective of this special event for families. As a preamble, a comic strip forum will take place in ...