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Le Grand Prix de France aura lieu le 20 juin 2021

If the conditions of reception remain the same as planned, the date has changed. Following the reorganization of the Formula 1 World Championship, the event will take place from June 18th to 20th. For those who had already booked their ticket at the Circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet, don't worry, it remains valid on the new date. The General Manager of the French Grand Prix, Eric Boullier, is reassuring: "This change of date has not ...

Le Castellet, charmant village féodal au coeur de la Provence

The village is one of the places in the Var that you must see. Perched at the top of its promontory, Le Castellet seduces visitors with its beautiful little squares lined with old houses whose stones have been carefully restored. Along the sloping and largely flowery streets, we like to take the time to enter the shops and sit on the terrace of cafés, often dominated by a generously blue sky. Between its rich architectural heritage, ...

Le Var à l'honneur grâce à Christophe Bacquié chef de l'hôtel du Castellet

On February 5, the Var chef realized one of his biggest dreams. He joined the very closed circle of the Michelin Guide's triple stars. Present at the Hôtel du Castellet since 2009, Christophe Bacquié is now starting a new page in a chapter that promises to be both rich and demanding to maintain the high level. Passionate since childhood, the chef has built a remarkable career path: he made his first classes with his family in Upper Corsica ...