Prefecture of the Vaucluse, the city is at the crossroads of Provence, Languedoc and close to the Mediterranean. It is reported that this city of art unlike any other enjoys three hundred days of sunshine per year. "Daughter of the river" or "city of the violent wind", former centre of the Gauls, then powerful Roman city, surrounded by its ramparts, it was in turn spiritual, political, economic and cultural capital.

Avignon can boast an exceptional architectural and artistic heritage, including the famous Popes' Palace, which still makes it the largest and most beautiful Gothic ensemble in Europe.

Its history begins on the rock of the Doms, a natural refuge above the Rhône. In the 12th century, it was already an important city, thanks in pont Saint-Bénezet particular to the fact that it became a major commercial centre. In the 14th century, Avignon became the centre of the Catholic Christian world.

Famous ñ also thanks to the world's largest live theatre festival ñ Avignon hosts hundreds of shows and thousands of spectators ñ every year. The richness of its historical heritage and the diversity of its manifestations make the city a permanent spectacle for the eye and the spirit. Avignon is also the capital of the Côtes-du-Rhône and of Provençal gastronomy. Finally, a tourist guide to Avignon cannot miss the Rhône. River tourism offers very beautiful cruises in various regions as well as in the very heart of Provence and the Camargue. Through a maze of alleys punctuated by squares, come, friends visitors, discover its thousand treasures!

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When to go to Avignon? Winter is not very interesting (although the weather is very mild, even in this period). It is certainly in April-May and September-October that the city is most pleasant. The weather is nice and hot (but reasonable): the terraces are back on the streets and the streets are filled with small improvised shows. Prices, at that time, are still affordable. In summer, the city of Avignon hardly stops living despite the city's heat, which can be difficult to bear. Unless you come here on purpose, it is better to avoid the Avignon festival period. Prices are then very high, and free housing is rare

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When to travel?

When to go to Avignon? Winter is not very interesting (although the weather is very mild, even in this period). It is...
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Avignon lives at the rhythm of the Mediterranean climate, a pleasant and mild climate. The sun is present almost all...
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