Situated on the banks of the Loire, Roanne stretches over two thousand years of history and is the gateway to the region. The economic and cultural capital of the Roannais region, the city is gourmet, elegant and festive. Renowned for its starred chefs and textile creation, Roanne is warm and dynamic. A walk through the old town centre across the charming bridges will take you from the historic squares to the pedestrian streets, from the markets to the covered markets, from the 12th century castle to the 19th century Italian-style theatre, from the Gallo-Roman pottery kilns of the 2nd century to the baptistery of the early Middle Ages, passing by the church of Saint-Etienne. With its colourful facades and trompe l'oeil painted walls, Roanne also has a pretty marina and shopping malls where you can do your shopping and find tasty products. With its 75,000 inhabitants grouped together in a Community of Agglomeration, Roanne is a land of water where the taste for good living dominates.

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