Capital of the Maconnais, prefecture of the Saône-et-Loire, with its 35,000 inhabitants, Mâcon is the southernmost town in Burgundy. It lacks neither charm nor assets, with its quays of Saône very frequented in the beautiful days, its coloured houses full of history, its esplanade and its historical centre. Its strategic location, at the crossroads of the main roads that cross the country, the waterways that criss-cross it and the railway stations, its very large reception capacity and its tourist offer make Mâcon much more than a city of passage, but a destination in its own right. Its gentle way of life is also expressed through the diversity of its landscapes and manifests itself through an exponential tourist offer. The quality of its wines, whose reputation is well established, favours wine tourism. The latter are honoured at the National Wine Fair held in the spring at the Parc des Expositions. Prestigious restaurants with no less than five starred chefs nearby and a palette of colourful and gourmet tables for all tastes. Reliefs and rivers favour cycling, green tourism and river tourism. Celtic port of the Aedui and oppidum for the Romans who had already understood the strategic interest of the ancient Matisco, it was a real crossroads of trade routes, crossed by the Via Agrippa, the main artery of Romanised Gaul. From its historical past, Mâcon preserves many architectural vestiges, a heritage that can be discovered while strolling in the old town, particularly through free or guided visits. The statue of Lamartine which thrones on the eponymous esplanade reminds us that this illustrious poet and politician is from the Mâconnais region. Mâcon is truly a dynamic, cheerful city that has been awarded the title of "ville fleurie", a city on the move, and since 2013 has been classified as a city of tourism.

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