Cluny is in many ways a very popular city for tourists. Situated in the heart of the European network of Cluny, in the centre of a Country of Art and History, Cluny accumulates labels and mentions: great cultural itinerary of the Council of Europe, European Heritage. With barely 4800 inhabitants, this small town is not known by its size, but by its architectural and cultural grandeur. With an extraordinary heritage: abbey-church, medieval house, museum, Hôtel-Dieu and National Stud Farm (the only one in Burgundy) the inhabitants are proud to welcome more than 70 000 visitors every year. A hotel park and numerous accommodation solutions allow visitors to take the time to discover the town and its region. Catering is not to be outdone, with a large number of restaurants offering cuisine that reflects Burgundy's gastronomy. A city of knowledge, Cluny also has a National School of Arts and Crafts, established since 1901 in the abbey. This renowned school is part of a tradition of teaching and research. On the cultural side, Cluny is a superb setting which welcomes every summer the "Grandes Heures de Cluny" between lyrical flights and tasting of local wines and the Jazz Festival which has been going on for more than 25 years. Green strolls on foot in the marked out paths, by bike on the "voie verte" or on horseback, there are many ways to enjoy the beauty.

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