Beaune, the capital of Burgundy wines, attracts more than a million visitors a year from all over the world to walk its cobbled streets. It must be said that it is a Burgundian jewel. From its medieval past, it has kept a unique heritage and a tradition of good living, thanks to an exceptional concentration of fine restaurants. Notables such as the Dukes of Burgundy, Louis XIV, Anne of Austria and Christine of Sweden have stayed here, and the traces of their visits are everywhere inside the ramparts. The Tour des Poudres (Powder Tower) and the Tour des Billes (Marble Tower) border a walkway creating an intramural circuit. Bastions and walls hide immense cellars which house thousands of pieces of wine, Beaune is as aerial as it is underground. The city owes a lot to the chancellor Rolin, right-hand man of the Duke of Burgundy Philippe le Hardi. He founded and left a priceless treasure which remains a very high tourist spot, known all over the world: the Hospices de Beaune, made famous in the cult film La Grande Vadrouille! This sumptuous gothic monument is a museum evoking hospital life. Every third Sunday in November, the hospital institution holds one of the world's largest charity wine auctions at the Hospices de Beaune estate, and passionate buyers of fine wines flock there in a frenzy. Not far away, the old timber-framed ducal residence houses the Musée du Vin while the Basilica-Collegiale Notre-Dame watches over the town. You can also choose to discover the city in a different way, by following the path of lights in summer at nightfall. All the monuments we have just mentioned are illuminated and tell you a beautiful story thanks to a colourful scenography. Beaune is a flowery town and has some lovely green areas, including the Bouzaize park with its canoeing lake, its animals and its rest areas, which is one of these very pleasant places. It is also the starting point of many hiking trails for families. Some of them lead you to the Beaune mountain, a haven of peace and coolness overlooking the Beaune-Grèves, the largest climate of the Beaune Premiers Crus. If you prefer cycling, the vineyard path is for you. From Beaune to Nolay, with your nose to the wind, you will follow the vineyard paths. Low dry stone walls, gates, cabottes, panoramic views and bucolic villages mark out your escape. There are a thousand ways and a thousand reasons to take the time to discover Beaune and its territory!

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