Tournus is known since the 6th century thanks to a sanctuary dedicated to Saint Valerian. So this saint came here to preach and died a martyr's death. This is why the town became a religious centre as early as the 9th century, thanks to monks who came from Noirmoutier and took with them the relics of their patron saint Philibert. Many people know Tournus as a historical and gastronomic stopover of choice. You will see the two imposing and majestic bell towers of the abbey church which dominates this proud medieval city. While strolling through the town centre and its picturesque lanes, you will discover stalls and numerous private mansions. Stretching along the banks of the Saône between the Bresse plain and the Mâconnais mountains, Tournus is also a very popular place to live or take a holiday. Many activities are possible, thanks to a local dynamism and a preserved ecological environment. Between walking, cycling or horse riding and individual pleasure boating, guided or cruising, Tournus opens the doors of the South to us.

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