Pogne and Ravioli Festival: A mouth-watering programme!
On 12 and 13 September, pogne and raviole, the two flagship products of our region, will be in the spotlight with, on the programme, culinary shows orchestrated by great chefs, demonstrations of production, ten-hand kneading of a giant pogne, banquet, sale and, of course, tasting; not forgetting, and this is new, the French regional brioche championship.

If you are a lover of good products, do not hesitate to come and discover and taste on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September, place Jules-Nadi in Romans-sur-Isère (Drôme), our two local stars: the pogne, a brioche in the shape of a crown with the subtle scent of orange blossom and the raviole, a small square of fine pastry, stuffed with cheese and parsley.

Chefs at the top!
Culinary columnist and jury of the Best Pastry Chef on M6, Mercotte, because of the enticing smell, has agreed to be the godmother of this party dedicated to gourmets.
A party in which great chefs will also take part, thanks to culinary shows. Among them, David Gallienne, winner of season 11 of the Top Chef show on M6 and Nastasia Lyard, who distinguished herself on the same show with her feminine and creative cuisine. They will show you, on Sunday, and this will be their challenge, how to accommodate pogne and raviole, in order to make them even more gourmet. Also with them will be Romanian chefs: Thomas Redon (La Redonière), Emmanuel Destrait (Le Mandrin), Matthieu Prandi (Le Panzo).

Hands in the soup
Another challenge, the one launched, over these two days, to the professional artisan-bakers working on French territory: they will have to, during the French championship of the regional brioche -which will be the first edition, here in Romans- present a brioche from their region and realize, live, an interpretation of our local pogne. An initiative that we owe to five local bakers. Already 9 candidates have applied.
Beforehand, on Saturday, immediately after the inauguration at 11.30 a.m., you will be able to attend the ten-handed kneading of a giant pogne by the Romanian bakers. Even the youngest ones will be able to get their hands on the dough, since a workshop on the pogne will be organised especially for them on Sunday afternoon. Who knows if this will trigger a few vocations?

From production to tasting
You will also see the association "Eymeux d'hier et d'aujourd'hui" at work on Saturdays and Sundays, making ravioles in front of your eyes, in the most traditional way. Your mouth is starting to water? Don't worry, tastings will be offered to you, and, of course, you will be able to buy ravioles and pognes whose delicate orange blossom fragrance will tickle your nostrils as soon as you arrive. Bakers and ravioleurs await you at their stand in the shade of the tall trees in Place Jules-Nadi, which is also the Town Hall square.

Make your deal!
You will also have the opportunity to complete your basket by browsing through the local market where you will find all sorts of local products, each one more delicious than the next: spirulina, oils, pasta, juice, wine, beer... Every year, and this is new, a region of France will be honoured. The guest for this 31st edition will be Normandy with a presentation of its nuggets of land and sea.

A vitamin-packed banquet
And don't hesitate to reserve your place at the banquet which will take place on Saturday evening in the open air, and on the menu you will find, of course, ravioli and pognes. An evening that will end in music with the Vitamine Jazz Band, whose name is definitely not usurped. And it's a good bet that you won't be able to resist for long before you let yourself go dancing.
Tradition is the order of the day
Finally, to add to the folklore of these two days, let us not forget, on Sunday, the traditional enthronement ceremony by the brotherhoods of Pogne and Raviole. Folklore? Not only! Since it is a question of perpetuating a know-how and making it known well beyond our regional borders.

A gourmet entertainer
To develop the whole menu, we can count on Loïc Ballet who will know how to tempt you. As a columnist in the Télématin programme on France 2, he has become the official host of this gourmet event which he defends with passion and conviction.

The complete programme on ville-romans.fr/fete-pogne-raviole. This event will take place in accordance with the health protocol in force at the time of its organisation.
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