According to legend, the village takes its name from the ancient flowery meadows that once dotted its territory, hence its name derived from "bagged flower". A green town away from major traffic routes, it preciously preserves its heritage and promotes it during convivial events such as the Floralies du printemps. In the historic centre of the village, several elements give it the typical character of the villages of the South of France: narrow streets, squares, a tower... It also preserves some vestiges of its distant past, such as the 13th century mill of the Duke of Uzès, the 12th century church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, the 15th to 18th century residences and the Gothic windows that punctuate several facades of the Place de la République. Outside, the town has kept a strong wine-growing vocation, its productions are to be discovered within Vinipolis, a particularly active oenotouristic pole of the region.

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