Established between the vineyards and the Etang de Thau, Pomerols is a typical example of a Languedoc wine village. Occupied since the Copper Age, the territory saw the village built in the second half of the 11th century, it was then organised as a castrum in 1160. The village still houses a few houses with façades from the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries, architectural treasures that deserve your full attention. A little further on, the curious can visit the Saint-Cyr Sainte-Julitte church, built in the 13th century and rebuilt following the Wars of Religion in the 17th and 18th centuries. It houses a baroque altarpiece in gilded wood created in 1676 by the sculptor Jean Cannet from Aggathois. This heritage is enriched, in the suburbs, by beautiful winegrower's houses built thanks to the cultivation of the vine and, more particularly, the production of the Picpoul de Pinet PDO. You will have the opportunity to discover all its nuances in the town's cooperative cellar.

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