This gourmet village is particularly attached to its land and its art of living, especially to its thousand-year-old wine, which the Etruscans and the Greeks of Phocaea were already trading in antiquity. Although it was particularly active during this period, the Greek Bessan, located on the site of the Monedière, was later abandoned in favour of large agricultural estates. Its second birth will take place in the Middle Ages, around the year 1000, when it was equipped with fortifications. Partly destroyed in the 17th century because they were no longer needed, we can still make out the outlines of the fortifications, notably thanks to the survival of a tower and a gate. A visit to Bessan will allow you to contemplate this rich history, to celebrate the gourmet palette of the place (olives, croustade) and to refresh yourself with a glass of its famous rosé, all under the knowing gaze of its "Donkey", the totem animal of the village.

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