Located in the heart of the Narbonnaise en Méditerranée Regional Nature Park, crossed by the Robine Canal, Narbonne is a city with a fascinating history and undeniable tourist attractions. Founded by the Romans in 118 BC, the city was their oldest colony in Gaul, a development motivated by the establishment of the Via Domitia and the proximity of the sea. It must be said that until the 17th century, Narbonne was a maritime city. This situation was gradually changed by the alluvial deposits of the rivers and the sand that filled the bay.

Sub-prefecture of the Aude since 1800, the city owes much of its growth and reputation to the wine industry. It was not until the 1960s and the arrival of tourism that the town's economy diversified. Nowadays, Narbonne watches over its history, its heritage and its inhabitants with majesty. Classified as a "City of Art and History", it promotes them during tours, visits and events that combine education and enchantment.

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Le public peut à nouveau se rendre à l'abbaye de Fontfroide

Situated in the middle of a natural setting of exemption, the Abbey of Fontfroide is one of the great Cistercian abbeys of France. It was founded in 1093 and fascinates visitors with its architecture, its ochre colour and its galleries that invite you to stroll for hours. Not forgetting its splendid Italian gardens and rose garden. This place, which is very close to Narbonne and where time seems to have stood still, had to close its doors to ...

Vignobles d'exception : 5 idées de balades en Narbonnaise

In Narbonne, at a time when the last holidaymakers have deserted the beaches, we take advantage of the Indian summer to improvise our itinerary in the heart of the Occitan vineyards, off the beaten track. Everywhere here, the vineyard with its flamboyant colours predominates, wherever you look. On the limestone massifs, the Mediterranean Sea on the horizon, the small roads along the ponds, the vines are there. Omnipresent. The time has come ...

Sea, sun and paillote de plage en Narbonnaise

Finally summer... The time has come to feel the sun warm our skins in serious need of vitamins D and to laze on the fine sand. Here, in Narbonne, on the Occitania coast, you have a wide choice with more than 50 kilometres of beaches, which reveal themselves at the bend of the sumptuous Massifs of the Corbières or the Clape. In the evening, you settle down, barefoot on the sand, in one of the many straw huts that border this preserved and ...

Voyage de dernière minute : on pense Narbonnaise !

Not too many ideas, not too much time, not too much energy to think about the summer holidays ahead... : discover Narbonne! If there is a corner of paradise where you can relax, as a family or as a couple, far from the stress and traffic jams, we have found it. In the South, between land and sea, La Narbonnaise is THE dream destination for a short or medium stay. Have you ever thought that there may be, between Perpignan and Montpellier, ...

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