Pézenas has been awarded the "Pays d'art et d'histoire" and "Ville et métiers d'arts" labels and is an essential stopover for those who want to discover the culture of the Languedoc. The city, built on a fertile plain where the vineyards stretch, has inherited a rich heritage from its past which has earned it the status of "Protected Area". City of fairs, city of States, it was also a place of residence of choice for Molière and his theater. Its streets and squares still bear the traces of this prosperous existence. Numerous bourgeois houses from the 16th century, as well as vast private mansions from the classical period (17th and 18th centuries), serve as a showcase for the Maison Consulaire, the former seat of municipal power. Until the middle of the 17th century, the meetings of the States of Languedoc were held there. While strolling in the heart of the city, you will discover these architectural jewels, the inner courtyards, the stair turrets, the ornate facades, the restored streets where craftsmen's stalls abound and the antique shops in the outskirts. The religious heritage is also worth a visit. At the bend in the streets stands the old Chapel of the Penitents Noirs, transformed into a theatre in the 19th century, the old chapel of the Ursulines convent, with its very interesting furniture, and the collegiate church of Saint-Jean, with its treasure made up of objects from the town's churches. In summer, the town where Boby Lapointe was born comes alive with craftsmen, actors, musicians and artists of all kinds.

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