With its double facade overlooking the Etang de Thau and the Mediterranean, Marseillan has retained the authentic character of a Languedoc village. This small emblematic port of the region has seen many peoples pass through: the Phocaeans, creators of Agde, the Romans, the Visigoths, the Saracens, the hordes of Simon de Montfort, and has been the site of fratricidal struggles between Protestants and Catholics.

For centuries, the inhabitants have divided themselves between growing vines and exploiting the pond's resources.

Marseillan has a special charm that it owes to its narrow streets that are cool in summer. It has the perfect mix of small towns that know how to be happy. It's as if you were in the Triana district of Seville, the old town of Lisbon or a popular district of Naples. With all the attributes that are indispensable to a self-respecting community: a pretty and dashing town hall, old black stone halls with impeccable roofing and a small, admirable theatre.

On Place Carnot, a large plaque marks the birthplace of the poet Achille Maffre de Beaugé (1855-1928), father of the boiling wine leader Emmanuel Maffre de Beaugé, who was at the head of all the winegrowing struggles of the second half of the 20th century.

From spring to autumn, the population of Marseillan explodes and its small port is invaded by pleasure boats. A crowd that shows the friendly and welcoming spirit of the place.

One of the obligatory detours when passing through Marseillan are the Noilly-Prat wine cellars, a stone's throw from the little port. This aperitif of national and even worldwide reputation dates back to 1813. The wines are aged for many months and then blended and flavoured with a multitude of herbs, some of which come from other continents. Noilly-Prat is used in cocktails or can be enjoyed as is in its three versions (Dry, Red or Amber). You can visit the cellars and taste this original nectar every day.

In the surrounding area, the meadows of the Baugé and the Gourgs allow you to get acquainted with the fauna and flora of the marshy areas.

It should be noted that Marseillan is the birthplace of Pierre Deley (1893-1981), Aéropostale pilot, General Pierre-Auguste Roques (1856-1920), Minister of War in 1916, and rugby player Jean-Pierre Hortoland (born in 1947).

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