The history that links this village to the fishermen goes back to time immemorial. The first would have taken shelter in the caves of the Beauces, carved out of the tuff of the cliffs and on the site of which there are today several restaurants. They cohabited with winegrowers whose ease is attested by beautiful residences located in the centre of the village. At the beginning of the 19th century, shellfish farming, oyster and mussel farming, was to bring prosperity to the village and gradually replace clam harvesting and small-scale fishing (wolves, sea bream, eels...). This development gave rise to a variety of oyster named Bouzigues. This appellation attests to the quality of the work of the local oyster farmers, who are in their own way farmers, gardeners of the sea. The Thau Lagoon Museum, located on the quayside of the fishing port, evokes with accuracy and nostalgia the traditional life of the fishermen and oyster farmers of the lagoon. Bouzigues is also the first port of call of the Canal du Midi on the Thau Lagoon. Next to its small fishing port is a busy marina with all the modern facilities for a stay on the water.

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