Between scrubland and the Mediterranean, Balaruc-les-Bains offers a dominant view of the Thau Lagoon. A pleasant little seaside resort, it seduces by its numerous sports, cultural and leisure facilities, but above all by its rheumatology and phlebology cures, for which more than 45,000 people come every year. First thermal spa of Languedoc Roussillon, its dynamism, its structures and its privileged situation - feet in the water - have enabled it to rank second at the national level. Mud is the basic treatment. The Romans already knew the virtues of this mud composed of marine silt and water very rich in trace elements, perfectly adapted to the treatment of rheumatism and bone problems. The old 19th century thermal establishment now houses the tourist office. The Pavillon Sévigné has kept its arcaded façade and its basin. A few steps away, the park and the Bordes square and the excavations of a Gallo-Roman basilica dating from the 3rd century are visible.As for the Georges Brassens - Laurent Spinosi promenade, bordering the pond between the port and the impasse des Calanques, it allows you to stroll for nearly 2 km in the footsteps of the fisherman-painter Laurent Spinosi, a local figure, nicknamed sympathetically Lolo, who in the 60s rubbed shoulders with and received in his hut (reproduced in trompe l'oeil) personalities of the time such as his friend Georges Brassens, Salvador Dali or Brigitte Bardot.

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