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The musts of Paris

The capital of France is considered by many to be the most beautiful city in the world. Derailleurs tourists are not mistaken, there are several tens of millions of them visiting the City of Light every year, making it the third most visited city in the world. A highly cultural city, Paris reveals itself from district to district, between its world-famous ancient monuments, its state-of-the-art buildings and its many restaurants. An inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists, Paris inspired the greatest artists from Edith Piaf to Charles Trenet, including Maurice Chevalier: "Paris will always be Paris"!

The Eiffel Tower

It seems unimaginable today to visit Paris without visiting the Iron Lady. However, this ephemeral installation, created by Gustave Eiffel between 1887 and 1889, had to be dismantled after the 1889 Universal Exhibition. Parisians could not bring themselves to part with it, the Eiffel Tower now dominates the city from the top of its 313 meters. The most visited tourist site in France, it offers a 360-degree panoramic view to discover Paris from all angles. By elevator to the 3rd floor or by foot to the 2nd floor, it's up to you! Every hour of the night, it lights up with its 20,000 bulbs to offer a long-awaited show.

The Champs-Elysees

Probably the most famous avenue in the world, the Champs-Elysees are trodden every day by nearly 300,000 visitors. Many of them walk these two kilometers to enjoy an afternoon of shopping in the Parisian style. Others to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Paris, with the Arc de Triomphe as a backdrop. During the holiday season, it is adorned with a thousand and one lights to the delight of visitors. A place adulated by many, because "there is everything you want on the Champs-Elysées"..

The Quai Branly / Jacques Chirac Museum

Inaugurated in June 2006, the Quai Branly Museum was designed by architect Jean Nouvel. Initiated by Jacques Chirac, whose name the museum bears today, it is dedicated to the arts and civilizations of Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas. 3,500 works are presented and many temporary exhibitions are organized. Do not hesitate to visit its theatre, cinema and reading room and admire its green wall made up of 150 species from all over the world

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart

You will have to climb to the top of the Montmartre hill to enjoy the exceptional view from 50 km around the Sacré-Cœur. Built between 1875 and 1910 as a tribute to the victims of the Paris Commune, this Romano-Byzantine monument contrasts with Gothic works such as Notre-Dame de Paris. The building did not obtain its basilica title until nine years after its construction was completed on October 16, 1919. And it was only a hundred years later that it became an essential place of pilgrimage. You can also admire the largest mosaic in the world, and visit Montmartre, and its famous Place du Tertre

The Georges Pompidou Centre

Designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, the Centre Georges Pompidou was first compared to a "gas factory" when it was inaugurated in 1977. This revolutionary construction suffered in a conventional Paris from a "crime of the ugly face" that has been forgotten over the years because of the artistic aura of the place and its incredible collection. Indeed, the Centre Georges Pompidou is home to the first collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe! Between exhibitions and multidisciplinary events, the place has found its place in Parisian life and its esplanade is always full!

The Louvre Museum

Mentioning it is almost self-evident, the Louvre Museum is certainly the most famous in the world and its reputation is well-deserved. The 160,106 m² building features an immense variety of works from all walks of life. From medieval Western art to ancient civilizations, you may well get lost in the eight major departments. The idea for this fascinating museum, which was opened to the public for the first time, was conceived by Louis XV. The project will finally only see the light of day after the revolution. Whether it is for its pyramid designed by Leoh Ming Pei, for the one no longer on display, Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa or to admire Egyptian antiquities, the Louvre Museum is a must see for visitors to Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral

Built between 1163 and 1345 in the heart of Île Saint-Louis, Notre-Dame Cathedral is a world-famous building. A full-fledged character in Victor Hugo's novel, Jean Delannoy's adaptation, and even Walt Disney's animated film, this religious building is not afraid to be on the front of the "Seine"! With its gargoyles, its gigantic rosettes, and its imposing architecture, it is a true masterpiece of Gothic art. Feel free to visit the museum, the archaeological crypt and the treasure, and climb the 387 steps to discover a breathtaking view of Paris

The Orsay Museum

Welcome to the old Orsay station, now a museum and a listed historic monument. Built in 1900 for the Universal Exhibition, this station, located opposite the Tuileries garden, became a museum in 1986. Impressionist paintings play an important role in this. As you walk through the museum's various floors and numerous rooms, you will discover works that cannot be ignored, from Courbet to Manet, including Renoir and Cézanne. When you visit the Musée d'Orsay, you can also take a tour through the temporary exhibition hall, one of the major innovations after the major works completed in 2015.

The Arab World Institute

During a stay in Paris, the Arab World Institute is a visit that will certainly seduce you. The museography, the work of Jean Nouvel, now includes works from 22 countries on the theme of the diversity of Arab civilizations. The museum, spread over four floors, offers a discovery of the cultural, religious, social and anthropological historical aspects of the Arab world. You can also enjoy temporary exhibitions, as well as concerts, shows and screenings throughout the year.

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