Top 5 sensational activities to do in the Arcachon basin

A stay in the Arcachon basin is unique. In part, because the landscapes offered by the lagoon are simply sumptuous. In this exceptional corner of the Gironde, it is good to stroll along the water's edge, to go on an escapade to the Île aux Oiseaux and to take photographs of the cabanes tchanquées. Not forgetting the Banc d'Arguin, a tongue of white sand surrounded by translucent water and the unmissable Dune du Pilat, which is always a pleasure to climb for an incredible view of the countryside and the ocean. Before returning to Arcachon to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the town and taste some oysters, you should know that the basin also offers an ideal setting for the practice of sensational activities. Here are 5 not-to-be-missed activities, bookable on Funbooker, which promise you a great time with friends or family.

1- A maximum of thrills during a parachute jump

Skydiving is one of those sensational activities that gets the adrenaline pumping and creates a lasting memory. It's also a great way to contemplate the beauty of the landscape, from a maximum height. During a tandem skydiving jump over the Arcachon basin, you take the time to contemplate the panorama from the plane, before jumping and distinguishing all the elements that make up the landscape: the green spaces, the basin, the urban areas, the strips of sand, the sea, etc. Parachute jumping has many benefits, including the improvement of self-confidence. And it is an even more striking moment when it takes place above a beautiful area such as the Arcachon basin

2 - Slowing down the time during a paragliding flight

Paragliding is a great activity to gain height, but also to slow down time and admire what surrounds us. During holidays in the Arcachon basin, aerial activities are recommended to marvel at the beauty of the natural environment. For those who have never tried the experience, a paragliding baptism of air from the Dune du Pilat is an excellent opportunity to bring your senses to the boil, to contemplate the shades of blue of the ocean at the level of the Banc d'Arguin, but also to try to catch a glimpse of other key elements of the area such as the Cap Ferret lighthouse. During a tandem flight with a professional, it is moreover possible to practice some movements that get the adrenaline pumping, and, pleasant surprise, the flight is filmed!

3- Climb aboard a boat to discover the basin

Of course, the basin of Arcachon is an exceptional place for lovers of the sea and boat trips. For sailors at heart, a multitude of activities are possible. Thus, it is always a pleasure to take a seat on a boat and let yourself be guided by professional sailors to the key places that make up the basin: the Île aux Oiseaux and its incredible fauna; the Leyre delta, a veritable mosaic of natural landscapes; or the tchanquées huts, always resplendent at sunset. To vary the pleasures, you can also let yourself be lulled by the waves and the soothing atmosphere of the basin by renting a pinasse, a pinassotte, a sailing boat or even a motor or electric boat. This activity is also accessible to those who do not have a boating licence

4- Take off in a helicopter

For those who wish to share a pleasant moment with family or friends, it is recommended to take a helicopter flight. It is an unavoidable way to take to the skies to admire the landscapes and comment on the moments together. On board a helicopter, you will benefit from ideal conditions to contemplate the natural elements of the Arcachon basin, but also to spot the beautiful communes and the surrounding districts: Lège-Cap-Ferret and the Grand Piquey, Pyla-sur-Mer and the Moulleau. The helicopter flight is a sensational activity very appreciated, for the pleasure of being comfortably installed and for the possibility of sharing this incredible moment with its close relations

5- A jet ski ride for sensations on the water

Take off on the movements of the water on the basin of Arcachon and get a lot of sensations, that's what the jet ski touring activity offers! There are various possible hikes on the basin. Thus, the early risers can go around the main sights of the place by taking a well deserved break around a gourmet breakfast. During the day, you can also walk along the different beaches of the basin or go around the Île aux Oiseaux in 1 hour and observe the cabins tchanquées closely. Unless you prefer to stop on the banc d'Arguin in fine weather for a swim in its clear waters, then at the dune du Pilat to stretch your legs. And to come back for a moment to the inevitable "cabanes tchanquées", what could be more romantic than to go there on a jet ski ride in the evening and contemplate the sunset over the sea?

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