Top 5 of Thalasso destinations to enjoy the end of holidays

Tired of going home more tired than leaving? Give yourself a few days of thalassotherapy! What better than the good marine air coupled with the benefits of hydrotherapy, algae scrub or mineral massage? Often located in settings conducive to ultimate relaxation, these specialized centers guarantee a total revigoration to meet tomorrow under better conditions. The opportunity to recharge batteries before returning.

# 5 - Arcachon, city of four seasons

The city of Arcachon is a symbol of well-being and good health. The atmosphere there is known for its miraculous medicinal virtues. Born of the fact that the inhabitants of the basin did not contract tuberculosis, the winter city welcomes from curists from around the world, including distinguished guests in their time like the Empress of Austria Sissy. You will have understood it, surfing the wave, thalassotherapy has been able to establish itself to make Arcachon a reference city in terms of relaxation and appeasement. Enjoy the numerous walks that this décor offers to the iodized fragrance, and delight yourself in the many local specialties, all from the good products offered by the ocean.

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# 4 - Ouistreham, history of being relaxed

Let yourself be taken away a few days in this small municipality of Calvados. A former theater of clashes during the allied landing, located just a few steps away from the beach of Sword beach, Ouistreham has been able to recover all its tranquility making this small Norman town a real bowl of air for all thalassotherapy aficionados. The point of seat nature reserve, a sandy band formed at the mouth of the Orne and the Channel, offers magnificent bird-fly shows. While the bike path of the road to Caen is an interesting alternative to the rewind.

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# 3 - Oléron Island Light

The island of Oléron has many hidden treasures. Second largest island in metropolitan France behind Corsica, it offers a multitude of small typical villages with a well-preserved charm, as well as beautiful sandy beaches where it is good to relax. The island is the ideal place for a relaxing stay in thalassotherapy, in an exceptional décor to the calm and luminous atmosphere. For the most adventurous, the maritime environment is conducive to the practice of many sports such as the ULM or the seaside riding. And for others, a wide range of care is proposed. It is also good to know that Oléron Island is specialized in the treatment of joint or metabolic problems.

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# 2 - Quiberon, the cradle of the French Thalassotherapy

Thalassotherapy is an institution on the Quiberon peninsula, whose iodized air and climate are recognized for their many benefits. In addition to this very pleasant setting the country of Quiberon is also a rich cultural heritage with its megalithic remains, and Carnac alignments within a few kilometers. The landscape will not disappoint you either: the peninsula forms an advance of almost 14 kilometers in the ocean, with a calm sandy coast, and a wild coast at the mercy of the coast protected by the Coast Conservatoire. An ideal place to enjoy the benefits of thalassotherapy, in the heart of its historic French cradle, which was also the first sardinian port in France.

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# 1 - Menhirs and rest in Carnac

Carnac is a destination of choice in Brittany: the history of the city and its remains still visible today are exciting. Carnac is mainly known for its menhirs alignment and to concentrate the largest number of megaliths in the world. That is where the name comes from: " Carn "in Celtic language means" piles of stones ". But it is not everything, Carnac, it is also a very high quality water, suitable for thalassotherapy, many activities made for relaxation and rest. The marine spa and beauty spa are there to make you enjoy the benefits of the city.

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