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Les 10 stations de métro qui ressemblent plus à des musées souterrains

Subway, work, sleep and sometimes it's beautiful! Parisian transport users have very little opportunity to be amazed during their daily commute (except for the Arts et Métiers station on line 11) and yet many countries have turned their undergrounds into a place of wonder. Renowned artists, architects and designers have fashioned the platforms and corridors of the subways in Naples, Stockholm, Kiev and Moscow into little gems. But like ...

Top 10 des hôtels les plus romantiques du monde

Are you looking for the ideal place to spend a tender moment with your half? Valentine's Day is coming up and you want to surprise him/her? Petit Futé offers you its selection of the most romantic hotels in the world...No. 10 - Trezzini Palace hotel - St. PetersburgThis luxurious hotel is located in a historic palace in the old city of St. Petersburg. Its decoration, very "imperial", is typical of the great Russian palaces. A spa is at ...

Les forêts les plus mystérieuses du monde

Virgin, thick or primary, forests are real green lungs where it is good to recharge your batteries. However, these labyrinths of greenery in which poorly delineated paths are carved could frighten many people! The tales of Perrault and Grimm have often haunted our childhood, so it is not uncommon for a form of anguish to appear in us when Mother Nature becomes a little too oppressive. Surrounded by mysteries and inhabited by a fauna feared ...

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