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Restaurants Saint-Petersburg (Санкт-Петербург)

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Réservez dès à présent un restaurant à Saint-Pétersbourg


Régalez-vous dans les meilleures conditions en trouvant un restaurant qui puisse vous satisfaire, au moment d'un déplacement à Saint-Pétersbourg (Russie). On peut avoir des difficultés à faire un choix, plus encore quand il s'agit d'une première visite. Ne vous lancez pas à l'aveuglette dans la sélection d' un restaurant à Saint-Pétersbourg à l'aveuglette, de manière à ne pas gâcher le moment. Pour ne pas rater les meilleures adresses, le Petit Futé est là pour vous, de quoi trouver un restaurant regroupant toutes les qualités attendues. Quoi de plus plaisant que de savourer un bon petit plat, lors d'un voyage à Saint-Pétersbourg ? Votre repas au sein de ce restaurant vous a-t-il satisfait ? N'hésitez pas à nous le faire savoir en rédigeant un avis après votre visite. Pour vous y rendre facilement, consultez les informations pratiques, qui vous donneront quelques éléments essentiels (adresse, site web ou téléphone...). Il y en a pour toutes les envies à Saint-Pétersbourg avec 89 restaurants, 0 crêperies et 0 restaurants italiens, à votre disposition. L'ambiance étant un critère important, nous abordons bien sûr cela dans nos fiches restaurants. Nous vous facilitons la réservations : ce service est accessible pour un grand nombre de restaurants listés. Menus, plats proposés, prix, vous aurez en votre possession toutes les informations nécessaires pour rejoindre le restaurant parfait pour vous. Saint-Pétersbourg est une ville très agréable à visiter et elle attire de nombreux touristes ce qui explique la recrudescence d'établissements. Quoi de plus judicieux, pour mieux connaître un restaurant, que de parcourir les commentaires de nos visiteurs connaissant ce lieu ?

Restaurants Saint-Petersburg (Санкт-Петербург) : 80 Results

Practical information : Eating out Saint-Petersburg (Санкт-Петербург)


You can't starve to death here. St. Petersburg never sleeps, so it is easy to find something to eat at any time of the day, especially along the Nevsky Prospect where several establishments remain open 24 hours a day! Unlike in France, most establishments serve daily without exception and in continuous service, usually until midnight or 1am, with some going beyond that. Only a few gourmet restaurants close one day a week or can take a break between lunch and dinner services.

Budget & TipsBudget & Tips

With such a choice, you can really eat at any budget and from 100 RUB. To eat quickly and cheaply, the famous Soviet-era canteens (stolovaya) are scattered here and there in the city. Lunch is served among office workers, students and workers who are finishing or starting their shift. It is a real local experience and tourists are rare. If their cuisine doesn't deserve a song, they eat very well and at very low prices (often less than 10 € for a full meal). In any case, prices don't bite at SPB and good tables are often more than affordable.
Almost all establishments accept CB, except for small ryumochnaya bars and a few neighbourhood canteens. It is therefore not superfluous to always carry a little bit of cash with you.

What costs extraWhat costs extra

Gratuities are at your discretion. The tip standard is around 10%. They are left on the table or given directly to the waiter or bartender. Please note that Russians do not drink tap water, so there are no water jugs, so you will have to order paid water (very cheap), and systematically choose between still water (Негазированная вода, pronounce "nié gazirovannaya voda") or sparkling water (Газированная вода, pronounce "gazirovannaya voda").

The local wayThe local way

Table reservations are mainly necessary in beautiful restaurants and mainly at weekends. It is easy to find a table without a reservation during the week. The Russians linger less at the table than we do, the service turns faster.
The locals are not very accustomed to eating blue or rare meat (except in establishments specializing in barbaque). It will therefore be necessary to specify the cooking if you want something other than well cooked. Rare is said скровью (pronounced "skoryou") and blue if said "raw".
Your basket of bread may be paid for but not everywhere, so you will need to specify if you do not wish to eat it. And if you are tempted by the bread, the best thing to do is to make sure whether you have to pay for it (Хлеб платный?, pronounce "hleb platniy?") or whether it is free (Хлеб бесплатный?, pronounce "rhleb bièzplatniy?").

To be avoidedTo be avoided

Avoid eating in the small, overly colourful street kiosks with pictures of food on the "kebab" type facade and often close to markets. We are the first to encourage you to live a local experience but our mission is not to poison you. However, the quality of hygiene in these food points is often dreadful.


Don't worry about having lunch or dinner with the children, Russians love them and like to go out with the family. The establishments (apart from the bars of course) frequently offer spaces for children to play, sometimes even with entertainers. This is the case of the restaurants Zoom, Yat, Teplo reviewed in these pages.


Smoking is strictly forbidden in public places. Smoking rooms are not permitted in the establishments (except nightclubs), so it will be necessary to go outside to smoke.
The rule may be variable for outdoor terraces depending on the nature of the establishment. The sense of observation, decorum and otherwise a question to the waiter/barman will allow you to be fixed.

Tourist trapsTourist traps

Most of them are concentrated in the city centre, along the Nevski Prospect. If you see a flapper, often in disguise, a little sticky and handing out promotional flyers, be aware that it is rarely a good plan.

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