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Top 10 des traditions d'Halloween à travers le monde

A holiday whose origins are Celtic, contrary to what many of us believe, Halloween is now celebrated in many countries around the world. The first place to think of is the Anglo-Saxon countries, where the festival is a real highlight of the autumn season, with house decorations, disguises, candy collection and exceptional events. Many countries in Europe also play the game, and amusement parks, bars and castles also offer their animations on ...

Les plus beaux sites inscrits au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO

UNESCO's World Heritage designates natural and cultural properties of outstanding universal value to humanity. It was in 1972 that UNESCO created a Convention for the protection of World Heritage, and in 1978 the first sites were included on the list. One example is the superb Galapagos archipelago. Since then, every year, several countries propose elements of their heritage, monuments or natural environments, in order to obtain this ...

Les plus belles ruines que l'on peut encore admirer dans le monde

All over the world, ancient civilizations have left behind a precious architectural heritage. The events of history as well as the passing of time have sometimes damaged these monuments or partially destroyed them, but the ruins that remain are, for some, still very impressive. They are castles, temples or even buildings full of mystery. They remain fascinating buildings to discover and which teach us more about the life of those who ...

20 sites classés au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO en Europe à découvrir

Each year, UNESCO's World Heritage List is expanded. These cultural or natural properties all represent a major interest in our common heritage and deserve to be preserved. This year, exactly 1,073 sites are on this list. Italy remains the country with the highest number of classified properties, while France is in fourth place, preceded by Spain. Through its history and culture, Europe is therefore one of the most represented continents: ...