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Baden-Baden : escale dans une ville allemande pleine de charme au coeur de la Forêt Noire

Do you have a list of places and countries you would like to visit as soon as possible? Baden-Baden should not be missing here. Imagine a place located in the heart of nature and offering peace, relaxation and entertainment at the same time. This is exactly what Baden-Baden is: the international spa and cultural city is beautifully situated at the foot of the Black Forest and enchants its visitors with its Mediterranean ambience and the ...

Une journée shopping parfaite dans le plus grand centre outlet d'Europe

Isn't the back-to-school period, like the period before Christmas, the perfect time to plan a little shopping trip? Imagine taking the road to one of Europe's most important outlet centres in Germany, with family or friends, and taking advantage of the opportunity to redo or embellish your wardrobe with great designers and essential brands, find decorative items that will enhance the interior of the house and then punctuate the day with a ...

En Allemagne, Europa Park va rouvrir fin mai

Europa Park is a very popular amusement park in Germany that amuses young and old. While Europe is gradually losing its confidence, the federal government and local authorities of the state of Baden-Württemberg, on which the park depends, have announced that it will reopen at the end of May. From 18 May, restaurants and hotels will be open to the public. It will therefore be necessary to wait a good week for new visitors to enjoy the ...

Europa-Park fait le plein de nouveautés pour la saison 2019

Europa-Park will reopen on April 6 for the summer season. One of the major events in 2019 is the reopening of the Scandinavian district with a new restaurant, a glacier and a department store. Among the new features, visitors will be able to discover at Le Dôme des Rêves the 360° adventure film "Mission Astronaute" , featuring Thomas Pesquet and Alexander Gerst on their journey to the international space station. The attractions "Jim ...