The Jura is a massif, a department, wines, cheeses and a host of unusual sites. You're going to make the big mistake! A step in the footsteps of Loulle's dinosaurs, another in the Dole Museum of Fine Arts, which takes you from prehistory to contemporary art, a trip to the lakes region, a jump to the remote Baume-les-Messieurs to admire its abbey, its waterfall and its cave, a stopover to discover the moving Toy Museum (Moirans-en-Montagne) which seduces the whole family. And that's not all! There is the delightful house of La Vache qui rit, in Lons-le-Saunier, the Grande Saline de Salins-les-Bains (UNESCO), or the Musée de la Lunette, in Morez, the world cradle of eyewear... You will not miss Arbois, capital of Jura wines, or of course Château-Chalon, a perched jewel, sentinel on the banks of the Revermont and the vineyard. Fief of the famous yellow wine, it is one of the most beautiful villages in France. And we are not done with museums. We should also mention the one of the Boissellerie, located at an altitude of 1,000 metres, in an old sawmill, and dedicated to the wooden cheese box, the new Paul-Émile Victor polar centre, the dynamic Maison du Peuple de Saint-Claude, the Pasteur d'Arbois and Dole houses, the Cascades du Hérisson house... The Jura knows how to highlight its heritage and share its wealth!

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When to leave? All year round and especially in autumn, which takes on the appearance of an Indian summer here, a mild and sunny period, which highlights the large wooded areas with their bright colours. Magnificent also in this season, the region of the great lakes, the upper Jura and the vineyard, of course. The Dole region is then in effervescence with the grape harvests, major events (gourmet weekend of the Cat perched in Dole, the Biou d'Arbois, Jazz en Revermont) and other gourmet activities. Come during the school holidays with the children for, depending on the season, swimming, canoeing on the lake, visiting the Toy Museum and all the others that do not remain open in their majority. Throughout the year, wine lovers will enjoy the Jura wine route (nearly 80 kilometres) to meet passionate winegrowers, happy to discover and taste the Jura PDO wines: crémant, macvin, côtes-du-jura, château-chalon, l'étoile, arbois and marc du Jura.

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When to travel?

When to leave? All year round and especially in autumn, which takes on the appearance of an Indian summer here, a mil...
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Very wet but not very windy, the Jura has a semi-continental climate under mountain influence with the presence of th...
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Every year, more than 25,000 spectators bring their families to Moirans en Montagne in the Jura, the French toy capital for the Idéklic festival for children! In total, more than 30 shows and 60 performances are held in the streets, halls and parks, and nearly 60 workshops have been set up. This festival evolves in favour of the youngest and in educational, pedagogical and playful interests in a natural and rich setting. The workshops are ...

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Les animaux à l'honneur : Exposition BÊTES D'AFFICHES

100 years of vintage posters featuring our animal friends! This exhibition has just opened at the Maison de la Vache qui rit (Lons-le-Saunier). These posters mark the 20th century and were patiently collected by a Quebec enthusiast. Like an advertising medium, animals appear and allow us to play with humour, to tackle delicate subjects or to arouse curiosity. Poster Beasts" that will appeal to young and old alike! Paid for Until 3 January ...

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