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What to see, what to do Jura?

The 10 good reasons to go Jura


Wines that are apart and rated

5 grape varieties for 6 appellations and the rare vin jaune and vin de paille.

bogdankosanovic -

A human welcome

The accommodation is family style, whether it is in campsites, guest houses or hotels.


A local gastronomy

Whether liquid or solid, specialties abound and often go hand in hand.


A privileged setting

Among other things, its 720,000 hectares of woodland invite you to relax and enjoy nature

Vue sur le Mont Banc et le lac Leman depuis le massif jurassien © Peter_Nile -

Breathtaking views

With its floors, breathtaking views of the Bresse, Mont Blanc and Switzerland.

Le sentier karstique des Malrochers © Arnaud_Martinez -

An abundant heritage

Since the dinosaurs, history has left a substantial physical legacy to discover.



In the four seasons, the playful or sporting disciplines can be practiced at your own pace.


A living craft

For at least a thousand years the eclectic know-how of the Comtois craftsmen has been recognized.

Marché de noël de Montbéliard © Sébastien Closs -

An intense cultural life

Classical or contemporary, musical and theatrical events follow one another throughout the year.

Cascade du Hérisson © travelview -

Water in abundance

In rivers, waterfalls, lakes and spas, there is no shortage of choice!

What to visit Jura?


Interview: My Jura

Jean-Michel Putod, Publishing Manager

Jean-Michel is a native of the Jura (Champagnole). His youth was marked by working in the family hotel. He worked in the art market until 2017 and since then is responsible for the Petit Futé Jura. In love with his Franche-Comté in its entirety, he admires those who live there and make it rich. He is also a defender of this fragile wilderness.

See the video of the interview
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