The corsair city where Chateaubriand, Jacques Cartier and Robert Surcouf were born is undoubtedly the pearl of the Emerald Coast. Perched on a granitic rock at the mouth of the Rance River, the city, enclosed within its ramparts, proudly stands out for its high granite and slate silhouette. Originally, Saint-Malo was an island, connected to the land by the narrow isthmus of the Sillon. The rock was only attached to Paramé in the 18th century. This position made it a natural bastion ñ which undoubtedly decided a destiny marked by incessant struggles and ñ a fierce claim to independence. There is undoubtedly a Malouin soul, shaped by centuries of struggle on land and at sea. The Malouins will always want to take their own destiny into their own hands, forging a motto very early on that proclaims their beauty loud and clear indépendance  : " Ni French, nor Breton, Malouin suis....  ». In addition to the ramparts to visit, visit the castle, the cathedral Saint-Vincent, which houses the remains of Jacques Cartier. Among the museums on offer, the Long Cours Cap Hornier museum is in a good position, as is the Jacques Cartier Museum. Not to be missed are the Route du Rock, its flagship festival, its international exhibition of the book and film Étonnants Voyageurs, the one of the comic strip and the projected image Quai des Bulles, and the mythical Route du Rhum, which takes place every 4 years. Among the walks to do, a tourist guide on Saint-Malo will tell you, the tour of the ramparts is a must, without forgetting to stroll on the beach of the Sillon or in the small cobbled streets of the city.

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When to go to Saint-Malo? Probably all year round. In both summer and winter, the weather is quite variable, and should not be an obstacle to a stay in Saint-Malo. Museums and points of interest are open all year round. Finally, it may be the many famous events that should decide the date of your stay in Saint-Malo: Route du Rock, Route du Rhum, Amazing Voyageurs, Quai des bubbles... Make your choice! If you nevertheless want to enjoy water sports, favour the summer period... provided you book your accommodation well in advance!

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When to travel?

When to go to Saint-Malo? Probably all year round. In both summer and winter, the weather is quite variable, and shou...
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The dominant climate in Saint-Malo is of course the oceanic climate, tempered by the Gulf Stream. Summers are rather...
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