Overlooking the Rance River by 75 meters, Dinan is a magnificent medieval city classified as a City of Art and History, built in the 11th century. She owes her name to a highly revered goddess, Abna, who was the protector of the living and the guardian of the dead. In the 9th century, monks settled on the banks of the Rance on land offered by Névenoé - the first Breton king. They built their abbey there. William the Conqueror had a wooden castle built, depicted on the Bayeux Tapestry, to protect himself from the Saxons and the Normans. In the 11th century a Benedictine monastery was built and Dinan began to develop. The Dukes of Brittany had the ramparts built overlooking the Rance valley, which they never stopped improving over the centuries. In the 14th century, Dinan suffered for twenty-three years the War of Succession to the throne of Brittany. The castle has been transformed into a museum and the Saint-Sauveur basilica houses the heart of Du Guesclin. In the 18th century, Dinan witnessed the rise of trade, stimulated by numerous weavers who made sails that were transported via the Rance River to Saint-Malo. Under the impetus of a growing bourgeoisie, various measures were taken to combat the insalubrity prevailing in the city, in parallel with its extramural development. Numerous pedestrian streets allow you to admire the medieval charm of the residences with ornate facades and half-timbered houses dominating the pavement. Dinan is still today surrounded by its ramparts, the most important and oldest in Brittany. This impressive 3 km long belt, composed of a keep, 14 towers and monumental gates, surprises by the multiple treasures it has protected throughout the centuries. The parapet walk is intact for 2,600 m. Note that the city was used as a backdrop for several scenes in Michael Bay's film Armageddon.

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