Of course, it is the symbol of the department, since the Couesnon, in a clever (for the Normans) movement, decided in extremis to put the Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy. Known all over the world, it is one of the main touristic places of the hexagon. Wonder of nature, granite outcrops in the middle of the bay, the place has known, from the 8th century, an intense liturgical activity with the establishment of an oratory in honour of the archangel Saint Michel, becoming a place of pilgrimage, favouring the creation of a village. Hardly disputed between Normans and Bretons, its medieval history is stormy - the Mount was even ravaged by a fire in 1204 by the knights of Guy de Thouars. Several centuries later, it was in the 19th century that the Mont, which had become a small town whose houses follow a central street (called Grande-Rue) leading up to the abbey, was visited for its unique beauty, first by painters and then by the general public. For its prosperity, but also for its peril, since in 1879, a vast road-dike was built to multiply the number of tourists, a train even going to the foot of the Mount. It was only more than a century later that the mistake was realized: the dike silted up the marvel, its bay, and the sea only came around the mountain for a few days a year. After more than twenty years of research and work, it is now a footbridge that connects the shore to the entrance of the town (the Mont Saint-Michel being one of its own, with about forty inhabitants). A successful operation, judging by the high tides (remember to take a good look at the coefficients upstream), which have encircled its majesty the Mount: a unique, unforgettable spectacle.

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