In the heart of a magnificent region, with Mont Saint-Michel to the east and Cap Fréhel to the west, Dinard is the "pearl of the Emerald Coast". It offers the dazzling beauty of its gardens which extend down to the sea and a very pleasant way of life, for its inhabitants as well as for holidaymakers. A rocky peninsula, inscribed between two bays, on whatever side one looks, it meets the sea, coasts and islands. Square or round towers, ramparts that seem to be walkways, granite stairs going down to the sea, gargoyles and sculpted stones are all distinctive signs of the old builders of the resort. Lovers of romanticism will be delighted by the Moonlight Walk, which is illuminated in summer and set to music with a different atmosphere every evening.

In 1850, the town was only a small fishing port attached to the village of Saint-Enogat. Twenty years later, Dinard became the centre of a true English colony, seduced by the beauty of the shoreline and the mild climate. The Anglo-Saxon aristocrats took the habit of settling there for summer holidays, sea bathing and tennis. The Duke of Audiffred-Pasquier, Messrs Coppinger, Roederer and Baron Féard built superb residences and Dinard became a fashionable resort, the most posh of the Emerald Coast! Nearly 800 castles and villas - today, more than 400 of them are classified as Historic Monuments - populate its rocks, rising up around palm trees, tamarisk trees and camellias, turning the town into a small Riviera, where boulevards and avenues adorn the new town with an elegance of good taste. The Ecluse beach, in the heart of the seaside resort, is rounded into a perfect hemicycle. Served by train since 1887 and equipped with all leisure facilities, ballroom, Grand Café with terrace and orchestra, games room and billiards, Dinard allowed the elegant and dandies to lead a cheerful life of parties and socialising. Many celebrities, seduced by its environment, came to villégiature : Ernest Renan, Agatha Christie, Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill, Jules Verne, Pablo Picasso...

Today, Dinard is a welcoming and lively town.

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