A land of contrasts, the English Channel is multiple, and it would take you weeks to fully explore this incredible diversity. Judge for yourself: cliffs, marshes, heavenly islands, small and large cities, steep hills, rivers and sandy beaches that stretch for several kilometres. The English Channel is all this at the same time: a geographical ensemble all in length, from Cherbourg to Mont-Saint-Michel, and which spreads its wonders everywhere. Natural of course, but also heritage: it is impossible to identify castles, manors, ancient mansions, churches and other remains. Wonders of memory also because here, the history is long, from William the Conqueror to the landing of June 6, 1944, which took place in part here, and which can be traced endlessly along the historic beaches or increasingly bold museographies. This destination is also a land of sport, the English Channel is a place for surfing, horse riding, cycling and a thousand other possibilities

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When to leave? The Channel can be visited all year round with boots and a good raincoat because it rains five months out of twelve! In July and August, you can sail, surf, swim, hike or simply relax. April-June and September are often pleasant, it is the best time to go there. Walkers, sailors and riders will take advantage of these calmer months to enjoy nature. From October to March, it is generally quite bad, even if the temperatures remain mild

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When to travel?

When to leave? The Channel can be visited all year round with boots and a good raincoat because it rains five months...
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The dominant climate is the oceanic climate. Summers are rather beautiful and mild and winters are often rainy, windy...
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