It is thanks to its wines of course but also to its landscapes and its castle that the commune of Rully is one of the most famous in the department of Saône-et-Loire. This town of 1,650 inhabitants serves as a link between the lands of the neighbouring Côte-d'Or, the Saône plain and the surroundings of the Chalon agglomeration. A strategic location that allows you to enjoy the pleasures of wine and outdoor leisure activities. Rully is protected by the relief of the chalonnaises coasts; many walks can be envisaged. They may be punctuated by stops in the cellar, in all good measure, that is understood. The land of his vineyard is the happy extension of the Côte de Beaune. There are about fifty estates that share the 340 ha of the total area. Rully has its own Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée for its whites and reds. Twenty-three premiers crus are in the spotlight, representing a little less than a third of the total production.

Learn that Rully was the birthplace of Crémant de Bourgogne in 1822. Seven houses produce a significant part of the Burgundian market, some of which have become references such as Vitteaut Alberti or Louis Picamelot.

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