Givry, a small town of almost 4,000 Givrotins and Givrotines, at the gateway to the Côte Chalonnaise, is only 9 kilometres from Chalon-sur-Saône. A former fortified town, it is rich in 18th century monuments: the town hall or Clock Gate, located just at the entrance to the town centre, the very beautiful church, a masterpiece built in 1771 by Émiland Gauthey and Thomas Dumorey, famous engineers, now perfectly restored, the round hall, where the wine market or exhibitions are still held, but also fountains and wash houses. Givry is also an appellation, the givry, whose AOC was recognised in 1946 and which includes nearly twenty wineries on 265 hectares, where King Henri IV's favourite wines are grown and vinified, 15% white and 85% red. The cellar G Vins attached to the tourist office allows you to discover the whole appellation. Festivals are organized and energize the small town: the Musicaves, where international and regional artists, between mixed rock music, classical or world music, come to wake up the sleepy barrels of the cellars at the end of June, the oenorires, a festival of humor in February, the festival of the Vine, which sounds the beginning of the harvest in September. The many small villages around and the Green Way are a wealth of walks and hikes, by bike or on foot, through vineyards and hedged farmland.

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