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Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is at the forefront of design and new technologies. This Scandinavian city where life is good (the inhabitants of Copenhagen are the inventors of the hygge current and the delicious smorrebrod) blends modernity, simplicity and originality to perfection; affirming its identity with pride through a Viking past and Nordic sagas. Combining courtesy, rigour and relaxation, the inhabitants benefit from an exemplary social policy system, even if they sometimes complain about it! Behind their legendary discretion lies a formidable efficiency. Peaceful Copenhagen, the one that once inspired the famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, unveils its typical Nyhavn port, Amalienborg Palace, Christiansborg Castle, Tivoli Garden and the National Museum and Glyptoteket, as well as bold architectural tours and the Carlsberg Brewery. Enjoy the absence of traffic jams and lively cycle paths, admire the buildings of famous architects, go from festivals to underground evenings in Kodbyen and Vesterbro, cross bridges defying logic and imagination to reach Christianshavn and the free city of Christiania... So what makes the little mermaid so melancholic (at least her replica, the original being, after many assaults, hidden in a safe place) on her rock by the sea? A tourist guide to Copenhagen, a pretty chrysalis in the heart of the Baltic Sea, will help you discover its secrets

What to see, what to do Copenhagen?

When to go Copenhagen ?

Copenhagen can be discovered in both summer and winter. Each season allows you to appreciate the city from different angles. Here are some tips on when to go to Copenhagen.

High tourist season: The most pleasant season is summer, even if there are (too) many tourists. At that time, the days are long and the light is superb. Overall, the period between May and September is the right time to visit the city: the terraces are filling up, there are more walkers and cyclists, and festivals follow one another. The Danish capital boasts of having been the European capital of jazz: the city's main cultural event, the jazz festival organised each year in July welcomes "stars" and thousands of fans on stage. In addition, Copenhagen often hosts major international events: there is no point in hoping to find a room that is several leagues away.

Low tourist season: From a financial point of view, the winter months are the most interesting time to stay in Copenhagen, with hotels offering sometimes significant discounts. But the budget is not everything, and it is important to know that it can be cold (and especially humid) and that the night falls very quickly. At the beginning of October, the city hibernates in a way, until Christmas arrives (and the opening of the Tivoli gardens in mid-November).

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Covid-19 : current situation Copenhagen

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, entry and travel restrictions may apply Copenhagen. Remember to visit the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before you leave for the latest information
Practical information for travel Copenhagen

How to go Copenhagen

How to go alone

Copenhagen is a safe destination and a stay in the Danish capital is easy to organize individually. No particular safety or health problems. Fluency in English is sufficient to cope with daily life and sightseeing. We quickly adapt to local customs and the kindness of the inhabitants makes the stay easier. The city can be visited on foot, by bus or by bicycle and is very suitable for tourism.

How to go on a tour

If you are planning to explore the surroundings of Copenhagen, it may be interesting to book a tour package, which will allow you to have preferential rates on hotels and car rental. Guided tours will allow you to discover the history and culture of this country, which the French know little about.

How to get around

The Danish capital is easily and cheaply accessible thanks to an efficient public transport network that has the advantage of operating day and night. And to perfect the system, a metro has been added to reinforce the buses. This new metro connects the city centre and the airport in 15 minutes. In addition, there is the option of renting a bike, which is also very practical and allows you to quickly travel around the city and feel integrated right away!

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Discover Copenhagen

How can you not be seduced by Copenhagen? A city of discreet appearance, strong of a timeless elegance, sometimes terribly disciplined... but under the ice, the fire of modernity and challenges to be taken up is expressed in the audacity of the city that has always affirmed that the impossible is not Danish! The city is committed to its ecological convictions in eco-districts that stand out like banners to the world, developing the use of bicycles and public transport. Culture for all is part of its daily life, in urban spaces as well as in institutional places. Art and design, both innovative and classic, are omnipresent; they take over imposing buildings that mark the history of the city with a capital H. In the evening, a little insolent, it is free and drunk with the sound of the decibels of almost wild parties!

Pictures and images Copenhagen

Port de Nyhavn. Thierry Lauzun - Iconotec

The 12 keywords Copenhagen

1. #Amber

"The tears of the gods". This is how this fossilized resin, from the coniferous forests swallowed by the sea, is poetically nicknamed. Its translucent honey color has made the city rich. It can be found in abundance on Danish beaches where hunting for "Baltic gold" is a family winter tradition

2. #Bio

Marché Copenhague © Stephen Barnes -

In Copenhagen, organic is not a trend, it is a strong bias in the way Danes consume, as they are the biggest consumers in the world. A model country where the government is doing everything possible to achieve a 100% Ekologisk or Organic agricultural production, an objective to be reached before the arrival of the 2030s!

3. #Carlsberg

Since 1847, it is the reference of Danish beer. It has become the official brand of the Royal Household and is nicknamed Hof by the locals. Blonde and stable, it owes its notoriety to a revolutionary unpatented discovery, that of pure yeast culture. Approximately 400 million liters are consumed each year in Denmark!

4. #Dannebrog

A red rectangle with a white cross. You will see it flying over the roofs of houses as well as at the entrance of institutional places. The Danes are proud of their flag which accompanies them in the strong moments of their life. It is flown at half-mast to announce a death, or in the air to celebrate a birthday or the passing of an exam

5. #Ecology

Eolienne au large de copenhague © Tony Moran -

Who says organic, says green! Since 2014, the city has held the title of European Green Capital! It must be said that the country is a precursor of environmental protection. Effective laws concerning transport, waste treatment and electricity production were passed as early as 1973. Wind turbines are an integral part of the landscape.

6. #Fællesspisning

This concept is coming back in force and is making the buzz among our friends in Copenhagen. It literally means Eating Together. However, the idea is not really new. It is a tradition in small towns and villages where people gather to eat, drink and play bingo. It's the Danish "Spanish Inn"!

7. #Hygge

Cathérale Notre Dame de Copenhague © Oliver Foerstner -

This word of Norwegian origin means "well-being". It was born from the need to resist the coldness of the long and dark winter climate. Warmth, comfort and conviviality became essential. The Danes use it endlessly. Hyggekrog is the cozy corner where to spend a hygge moment; hyggebukser is the pilou-pilou pants that one wears at home.

8. #Lutheran

75% of the population is registered with the Evangelical Lutheran Church, although few consider themselves religious. Yet churches remain popular. A community meeting place to celebrate a family event for which Danes pay a parish tax, optional but necessary for the maintenance of the buildings.

9. #Pølsevogn

Funny caravans park at the crossroads of the streets or on the squares. A crowd gathers when the smell of grilled sausages escapes from the chimney. These "sausage wagons" are an institution created in 1921 that offers Danish-style hot dogs, from the most classic with fried onions to the most exotic with pineapple!

10. #Strøget

Means "the line" and recalls its English equivalent "straight". Pioneer of pedestrian streets since 1962, its name has become the generic term for arteries dedicated to commerce and onlookers. It is about 1 km long and crosses the old center of Copenhagen. It is a must for those who love window shopping

11. #Viking

Musée des vikings ©  Dreamer Company -

The Danes are very attached to their ancestors the Vikings. These valiant navigators, fearless but perhaps not without reproach, crossed the oceans on their ships as far as Newfoundland! Farmers at heart, blacksmiths at heart, their civilization was not as barbaric as the bad rumors have it.

12. #Zealand

Did you know that? Zeeland or Seeland in Danish means "land of the sea" and is the name of the island where Copenhagen was founded, the largest in Denmark with its 7,000 km2. According to the legend, the goddess Gefion would have snatched this small piece of land from Sweden! Could this be the reason for the historical rivalries around the Øresund Strait?

You are from here, if...

Eating herring with all kinds of sauces doesn't scare you

For you, Scandinavia is not as cold as they say

You love Danish design

You love to ride, especially when the city makes you a king or queen

You feel like a sailor

You don't mind language complexes, even if it's hard to understand Danish!

The values of Christiana are yours

You love black bread

Going on vacation without the kids is unthinkable.

"Ecology is your middle name.

Because hygge speaks to you

Royal dynasties fascinate you and the Christian and Frederik lineages are mastered by you

For you, a little rain is good for the complexion. So, a lot of rain...

Copenhagen, a pearl on the edge of the Baltic, a simply magnificent city, where life is good, and which makes you as happy as the Copenhageners every time you visit!

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