Known for the castle that Shakespeare immortalized, Elsinore is a small, welcoming town on the north-eastern tip of Sjaelland, on the edge of the Øresund, whose entrance it commands. The strait here is only 4 km wide, which contributed to the fortune of the city in the past (a toll was levied there), but also nowadays when a noria of ferries drives the Swedes from the port of Helsingborg: which explains the surprising number of shops specialising in the sale of all kinds of alcohol (in Sweden, this sale is still heavily regulated: state shops, limited opening hours, exorbitant prices).

Combining moreover the activities of seaside resort (beaches in front of the hotel-casino) and fishing port, the city has preserved a pleasant medieval centre, mostly pedestrian and with streets lined with half-timbered houses.

It is of course for the famous castle that most visitors stop at Elsinore. While the mythical Prince Hamlet probably never set foot in the city (nor the author who conferred universal glory on him), they will follow in the footsteps of another myth, Holger Danske, alias Ogier the Dane, and of two very real rulers, Erik VII of Pomerania and Christian IV. The Aart agency is in the process of reconverting the former shipyards, which should eventually house a library, a theatre, a concert hall and the naval museum...

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