This old town of 80,000 inhabitants, which enjoys a particularly welcoming environment, seems blessed by the gods: a river that can be paddled up, the sea nearby, protected by a barrier of islands, woods and gardens. Its buildings bear witness to a prosperous Middle Ages, its craftsmanship is still very dynamic (the famous Holmegaard glassworks and ceramics, with the creator, Herman A. Kahler). A market is still held on the main square and has been since 1135!

A legend tells that a troll, this elf from Scandinavian mythology, was excited by the noise of the church steeples in the region and wanted to drown them under the sand. But her bag was pierced, which allowed Naestved to escape the wrath of the troll whose overgrown face can be seen in Munkebakken Park! Also in Naestved, the Herlufsholm manor house has been home to a prestigious private school for 400 years. You will certainly come across boys and girls in the streets of the town, except in July because of holidays, looking a little too serious and dressed in grey uniforms: the daughters and sons of large families, pupils of Herlufsholm.

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