This port city has nearly 37 000 inhabitants. It's the most witch-burned town in Denmark! Remember the images from Dreyer's films, Joan of Arc of course, but especially Day of Anger, to understand the importance of the pyres in the Danish imagination. Courts were set up to try young women accused of all the evils of the city. One of them, before being burned alive in 1612, denounced other women of the village, accusing them of practicing black magic. It was the beginning of a whole series of witchcraft trials that ended in flames... On the other hand, the fire has rather spared the old stones. Unlike other towns in the kingdom, Køge has not experienced any serious fires (the last one, partial, dates back to the beginning of the 17th century), which means that it still has some very old houses, even though some were destroyed in the wars with Sweden at the end of the 17th century. And for good reason, one of the greatest naval battles with the powerful northern neighbour took place in 1710 off the coast of Køge.

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