In the centre of Lund is his university. It dresses the small town of Scania with a lot of charm and a certain conviviality. Situated 7 km from the coast, in a large cultivated plain whose roads are lined with willows, Lund has an atmosphere of cheerfulness, activity and gentleness. Walkers, pilgrims, lovers of old buildings, popular culture or modern art, nostalgic for the happy student life, whoever you are, a visit to Lund will fill you with happiness. This university capital of 100,000 inhabitants is, despite its average size, a city where there is always something to do in the evening: a rock or jazz concert, a play, a reading... During the summer months, Lund lives a little slower, but is still an interesting stop for its cathedral, museums, cafés and parks, but also for the sunny shores of the Öresund strait and the beautiful beaches of Skåne. In any case, this city which smells good the past centuries and the blossoming youth is an unmistakable stage. Historically, Lund was founded by the Danish Viking King, Sven Tveskägg, around 990. The ruler of the United Kingdoms of Denmark and England chose to build the city on the site of a former rural court house and an old market. It was the time when Lund became the religious, political, cultural and commercial centre of Scandinavia.

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