This village located at the tip of the island of Amager prospered as early as the 12th century thanks to fishing and herring conservation. Later populated by immigrants from Holland, it has retained (at least in the old centre) all the charm of a small 18th century fishing town, many of whose houses were built by a local master builder, J.H. Blichmann. A respectful restoration has further enhanced this timeless charm.

The village has kept its original plan: a network of parallel streets, linked together by small alleys. You will enjoy strolling through the narrow streets paved with hollyhocks and lined with half-timbered houses, often with thatched roofs and yellow facades. On some of them are small glass towers, observatories for monitoring traffic on the Øresund.

The port was developed at the beginning of the 17th century (until then, the fishermen's boats were simply pulled on the beach). It is still home to an inshore fishery. There is a memorial commemorating the role of the local sailors in the evacuation of Danish Jews to Sweden in 1943. In short, a stroll out of time that can be extended in fine weather with a swim in the Sund, almost at the foot of the bridge.

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