Espaly and Saint-Marcel, two communities that became one commune in the Year II of the Republic (1795), which have a rich past and although they border Puy-en-Velay, have jealously guarded their specificity. L'Arbousset still resounds from the passage of Charles VI and the siege of the States of Languedoc, the dauphin, future Charles VII, the siege of the city by the royalist troops, the capture and recapture of the city by the Baron of Saint-Vidal at the time of the Wars of Religion. Long before Le Puy (the city of Anis), Saint-Marcel was the seat of the first church in the region: witness the fountain of the legend of the beheaded saint carrying his head. The fountain still flows between the Borne and the bridge of Estrouilhas, site of the deadly duel between Pierre de la Rodde and Antoine de Saint-Vidal in 1591. The town with four castles and thirteen bridges is remarkable for its incomparable basalt organs, but also for the history of the lime kilns, the Denise and Viouzou quarries, the archaeological finds and the Roman villa, the garden pavilions, the statue of Joseph and the basilica and finally, the riou Pezouillou from which zircons and sapphires are extracted.

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