Situated in Haute Ardèche, after a long tortuous road, the small town of Lake Issarlès is an ideal place to stay because of its climate, its azure sky at the gateway to the South, its complete tourist facilities and above all its exceptional landscape. Lake Issarlès is a natural crater lake of 97 ha, located at an altitude of 1,039 m, 138 m deep and 5 km in circumference. At the lake, you will be able to bathe in water of exceptional purity and a very pleasant temperature in complete safety (supervised swimming in summer) or rest on the sand of the beach which marries the lake. You can also go pedal boating, canoeing or stand-up paddle. A walking trail in the shady undergrowth allows you to walk around the lake while picking cranberries, wild strawberries, raspberries and mushrooms. Superb walks or mountain bike rides are possible around the village. They offer a magnificent panorama of the basaltic flows of the Veyradeyre valley and the phonolitic juices. Anglers will also be delighted: the lake (1st category) is full of fario and rainbow trout, arctic char, salmon, minnows, and whitefish. The Loire and the Veyradeyre, rivers of the surroundings, are not to be outdone. In the vicinity of the lake, troglodyte caves have been excavated from the explosion products from the Maar crater. Recently restored and enhanced, it is possible to visit them and discover the actual layout of the time.

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