The Summer Evenings of the Château de Machy are back for a 27th edition!

Start with a dinner under the lime trees, in the park, with the sunset as a backdrop. Then, at nightfall, installed in the terraces of the castle courtyard, enjoy a show under the stars. In this exceptional setting, it will take on a whole new flavor and leave a deeper impression on you...

On the program this year, discover "Un énorme besoin de l'autre", a theatrical creation by the Compagnie La Première Seconde.

- Who are you to me, my husband with whom I have lived for 30 years?
- What's in your head, you old lady that I take care of every day?
- Where are you that I only know behind a screen?
- Who am I, who do not know myself?

Four universes, four threads that pull, cross and tangle. In the course of a daily life where the sublime sometimes slips in, eight characters navigate, in turn funny, tender, violent, fragile... Through this new collective creation, born in the middle of a confinement, the Compagnie La Première Seconde offers a comic tragedy that looks strangely like our lives. Whether it is dreamed, denied or hypertrophied, this need for the other is and will always be there, enormous!

Running time: 1 hour and 40 minutes. From 12 years old.

Course of the evening:
From 7:45 p.m.: country-style plate (€12, wine and dessert not included).
At 9:45 pm: show "Un énorme besoin de l'autre"
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Telephone: 33478473432