Argyroupolis is an oasis of freshness around the mountain springs that feed the lower part of the village (and largely Rethymnon) among a vegetation of chestnut trees, plane trees, apricot trees and vines. Argyroupolis was built on the site of the ancient Lappa which according to legend was founded by Agamemnon himself. Lappa was in open rebellion at Knossos, at the same time as Lycos, in the 3rd century BC. The city prospered until the 9th century when it was destroyed by the Saracens before being reborn under the Venetians who built villas and churches there.

During the Turkish period that followed, the village was called Gaidouropoli and then Samaropoli. Its present name was given to it by the Cretan revolutionary committee in 1822 because there was reportedly a silver mine (argyros) to the south-east of the village. To the north-west, from a Roman tomb carved into the rock there is a spring that flows down to the river Mousela. In this cave there is a small chapel dedicated to Saint John, better known as Agia Dynami (Saint Power).

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