25 kilometers northwest of Corfu, passing through the villages of Tzavros and Lakones, this natural site, one of the most beautiful in Greece, was rented by Henry Miller in The Colossus of Maroussi. Leaving Lakones, you come to the cliff of Bella Vista. From here, the view of Paleokastritsa is fantastic: the coast is divided into six rocky coves covered with vegetation that fall into crystal clear turquoise water. From one beach to another, sand alternates with pebbles. The site seems to have strongly inspired Homer's stories. Offshore, the rock of Petrokaravo ("stone ship") would thus be an ancient Pheacian ship which, after having brought Ulysses back to Ithaca, would have been petrified by Poseidon. It is in a nearby river that the same Ulysses would have met the Princess Nausicaa. Today it is an excellent spot for diving. You can admire the Byzantine fortress of Angelokastro (13th century) and visit the Monastery of the Virgin.

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