Zvërnec (Σβέρνιτσα/Svernitsa in Greek), 800 inhabitants, is a hamlet in the village of Narta (4,300 inhabitants) which is part of the municipality of Vlora. It is located 5.5 km northwest of Narta, 10 km northwest of Vlora and is a haven of peace compared to the hustle and bustle of Vlora. Situated in the south of the magnificent Narta lagoon (59 ha), this hamlet is populated mainly by inhabitants belonging to the Greek minority, as is the neighbouring village of Nata, famous for its salt marshes and its carnival (mid-April, on 3 days). The site is magnificent with the small island of Zvërnec(Ishulli i Zvërnecit), located in the lagoon and extending over 9 ha (420 m long and 300 m wide). This is connected to the ground by a new curved wooden walkway, installed in 2017. The island is home to a small Byzantine monastery. It is possible to walk around the island to discover the small church of Trinity (kisha e Shën Triadhës) and the panorama of the lagoon with the islet of Karakonjishti, the narrow strip of land separating the lagoon from the sea and the lighthouse of Zvërnec. The partly abandoned hamlet (the youngest have settled in Greece) has a few shops and the Zvërneci hotel-restaurant (✆ +355 33 40 43 00 - 20/30 € for two).

Let's go. It can be reached by car or taxi (no public transport), leaving Vlora from the north-west along Sazani street. At the level of the commercial port, the street continues by the rruga Pishave which penetrates into the Soda forest (Pyli i Sodës). At the exit, the road turns into a sandy path (passable by car). The footbridge leading to the island is then only 2 km away (a total journey time of 45 minutes).

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