Located at the end of the peninsula, 25 kilometres from Samaná, Las Galeras is a small fishing village. It was gradually invested by tourists in the 2000s, but remains untouched by mass tourism. Las Galeras is an authentic village, which will appeal to lovers of peace and quiet.

It is reached by a magnificent road that passes through many hamlets while following the coast. The cove of Playa Francesa (4 km after Samaná) is particularly beautiful, but dangerous, its waters are perfectly clear. The road ends in the village of Las Galeras, facing the sea, where the small tourist village was built. Here time stands still and the traveller makes a stop that sometimes lasts so long, so much so that one feels good. A small community of foreigners, including French people, animates local tourism. The many beaches in the surrounding area are among the most fabulous in the country.

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