Ten kilometres before reaching Las Galeras, take the asphalt road on the right. This road leads to the old marble factory, which is no longer in operation today.

It runs along marmorated cliffs rising to a height of 500 m, covered with a stunted vegetation of cacti and thorny trees.

A few goats hanging on the cliffside are looking for a rare grass.

Grey, pink, green and white marble has been extracted from the hill since the time of colonization. It was used to build and decorate the stately homes of the island's notables.

The road is lined with caves where archaeologists can go in search of the remains of the Taino civilization, whose remains abound in the area. At the end of the road, a cliff overlooks the sea and a wild panorama. Along the way, we pass through hamlets. In one of them, a community has set up a small Taíno museum that exhibits finds made in the neighbouring fields.

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